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Patrick's Day Sales. March Madness Sales. President's Day Sales. Easter Deals. View More Events. My credit card has been charged, so I guess now I have to call and ask how long it will take for the charges to be reversed. Has oldnavy. I will be using this experience to spend my clothing dollars more wisely. I'd rather purchase higher quality and own less pieces.

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Goodbye oldnavy. Thanks oldnavy. I placed an order on Nov 29, It's now Dec 12 and when I log on to check the order. It says "pending shipment". I emailed on Dec 9 and called and I'm on hold now 12 Min and counting and I also emailed today as well. Can't get a human.

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It's a forever hold. At this point I just want a refund. I have long been shopping at Old Navy and even opened an Old Navy credit card. I do have an issue with their shipping policies, though. I have several times placed orders and never received a shipping notification. I recently placed two Orders, one on November 25th, and one on December 4th. I haven't received a shipping notice for either order, but my concern was the order placed on the 25th. When I called the customer service line, after 20 minutes of being on hold the associate told me it would be here by the middle of next week.

I asked if that was normal, because it has been more than 10 business days since I placed my order and I selected day shipping. She told me I did not pay for shipping which is free with a larger purchase so why bring that up? I did expect delays for Black Friday, but my concern was a lack of a tracking number. She assured me it would be here by next week and didn't tell me when to expect a tracking number. See image. Today is the 7th of December, seven business days from now is the 16th of December. I understand processing time, and think that the excess of a few days is acceptable considering holidays.

I find the 'fine print' strategy used when choosing shipping options to be shady, as it appears to contradict itself with no explanation. Other retailers add in a blurb about processing time, or holidays.

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Old Navy does not. I am away at work most days and shop online frequently, tracking numbers are immensely useful to me because I know to let someone at home know to expect mail or packages. Without a tracking number I have no way of knowing when the package will arrive, only the 'promise' that it will arrive by the middle of next week. I ordered some boy's jeans online and had them shipped to me. When I received them they looked like they'd already been worn and were falling apart. The hem had holes in them and around the pockets it was frayed. I was disappointed and feel like I should've been shipped the jeans that had a newer of a quality to them.

Not ones that looked like they'd already been worn and were coming apart. I had my receipt and told the cashier and she said with online purchases that she had to reimburse my card then do another transaction for what I was getting in-store. But it wasn't. The funds weren't immediately put back on my card and being on a tight budget I only had the return amount to get it with. The cashier held my stuff and said to give it a few hours. It's exactly 24 hours later and it's still not there.

They are quick to take your money but hold yours for at minimum 24 hours I'll receive it through email in days. WTH, Old Navy?!?! I tried to order from the website, but had moved since the last order. I changed the shipping address. After placing the order my confirmation said that it was shipping to the old address. I sent several emails to get it fixed before it shipped. I finally got a reply the next day. They told me that they couldn't fix it and if I hadn't received the order in 7 days to contact them again.

If I hadn't received the order that they shipped to the wrong address?!? I ended up calling, and the automated data told me that my order had not actually shipped. I ended up canceling the order and I will not order from them again. They seriously wanted me to wait 7 days before calling about package that they knew was not going to be shipped to me, that they actually hadn't even shipped yet!!! I purchased several items on the Old Navy Website.

The ease of navigating the site and getting to checkout was great until I went to check out my cart. Apparently I'd had an account before from years ago, so I had to change the password so I could log in. I received an email the next day saying my order had shipped. I then receive another email 2 days after the original one saying the order was on its way. That is when I discovered the address was incorrect.

The items had been shipped to my old address. After calling customer service, they told me there was nothing they could do about it and that I should try calling up UPS to have the shipment changed. Both told me that the shipper Old Navy aka Gap Direct had made it so that if the package was deemed undeliverable it should be returned to sender.

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For 3 days I tried to get it delivered to the correct address, both UPS and the Postal Service told me that the shipper could call them and have the package redirected. I called Old Navy to inform them of this and they told me they couldn't do it and I would have to wait for the package to be returned to them and then they could overnight it back to me. Today the package was returned to them. I call back again and they say I have to wait a couple more days for it to be shipped back out because the package goes back to the warehouse and they have to open it and blah blah blah, so it will essentially be another week at the very least, before I receive my items.

I don't shop at Old Navy for myself because their clothing is ill fitting on me. After this, I will never be shopping at Old Navy again. I ordered clothes for my son and chose just the standard shipping which is supposed to be business days. I didn't need the clothes for him for another 10 days so I felt that days would be fine. I ordered my items at 9 am and the money was taken out of my account immediately but my items did not ship until 4 business days later.

After it shipped it took another 7 business days for me to receive my items which was a total of 11 business days and I did not receive my items on time. If you are going to hold the items that long at least send it through a method that is going to ensure that I get my items in business days like I expected.

Placed an order online and they immediately charged my account. Two days later when the order was shipped they charged me again! Now they are telling me it takes business days for the first charge to disappear. The reason for two charges is they make sure the funds are available and then charge when it ships! What kind of company does that!?

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Super Cash coupons are non-transferrable and not for resale. So I should be expecting a refund correct? If you shop at Kroger for your groceries why not join the Kroger Fuel Program and save every time you fill up your car. Join Now Member Sign In. Top UK Vouchers Again, these are the men's loose fit jeans.

I shop many online stores and have never ever had this experience!!! I order short every year for school for my son.

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This time I paid 22 dollars for next day. Ups say they tried to deliver to my home at pm and no one was home. As a matter of fact I was home all day. I have a doorbell. No one EVER rang the door bell nor did they knock. Ups always leave a slip on the door telling you they tried to leave package but were unsuccessful and will return the next day and the time they will return. Absolutely nothing left in the door.

I called Old Navy and spoke with Vince. He told me he couldn't give me my money back for shipping. Since I do not shop at old Navy often tell me what good it would do. I am very disappointed in the service I received.

If Old Navy cannot deliver in one day they should not offer it and for them not to listen to the customer it really put a bad taste in my mouth. I purchased five pairs of jeans from Old Navy in St. Petersburg Florida. All five pairs ripped on me right in the crotch area. I wore them just one time and washed them once. All five tore in same area. I returned the jeans and exchanged them. I could not believe that again they all tore in the same area.

So I work outside and I travel for my job.

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I went to a different store in a different city. Petersburg Old Navy. I told the manager there and she explained sometimes they get a bad batch and she assured me I would not have the issue again. Well I exchanged all five pairs. Again they all tore in same areas and even in the front this time. This time I didn't wear the jeans I just washed them. I will never purchase from Old Navy again. It's embarrassing when you have to walk around with jeans that tear in the crotch area. I wish I could just get my money back instead of keep exchanging them. Ordered online and went to the store to exchange for different sizes.

Took some time to find the items since the store was a bit messy and unfortunately the one dress was only available at another Old Navy store so I would have to return the dress but exchange two shirts. Turns out Old Navy does not do exchanges. I was told that I would have to return all the items and repurchase the shirts.

Really why? I asked if the refund would be put on my card immediately and the clerk did not know but told me she thinks it takes a few days.

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I asked because a friend returned items to Old Navy and it took months and a fight to get her funds back. Not sure if it's a problem with online orders returned to store but it's unacceptable. I ended up just returning all items because of that issue. Turns out I still don't have the refunded money while writing this review. What kind of company doesn't refund your money immediately and instead asks you to spend more money on items you already paid for? A bad one with horrible policies.

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After spending time to purchase online then return to the store and find the shirts again, I left the store with no clothes and less money in my account. Buyer beware. Online it says excludes everyday steals, hot deals, etc. Which is fine except during the super cash redeeming period stuff that normally isn't a "hot deal" or "everyday steal" magically becomes one.

At least Gap allows you to use their Gap cash on majority of stuff and even Kohl's lets you use it as if it was actual cash. Pretty much every pair of kid's jeans and shirts turned into a hot deal rendering Super Cash pretty useless. And what you can buy with Super Cash is probably what is not really selling for them and it's their way to get rid of old inventory. And I have like 5 pairs of their women's jeans that keep ripping. I was shopping at the Enfield Ct.

When I went to the register to check out my purchases, my card was declined! According to the very rude customer service agent I spoke with on the phone, my account was closed due to lack of use! It wasn't used since and I was not informed that they closed it! My time spent there was nothing but a big waste and was told there will be no compensation for it!

Old Navy credit card holders, be aware. I mean it. Is this your way to attract repeat business? I can tell you this. I will not spend my dollars at any of your stores and I will make sure that everybody that I know knows about this. The late fee charged was removed when I made the phone call to customer service but just to know the fact that they charge double for late fee, I was about to vomit.

I hope you are not having lunch when you are reading my review but that is the way I felt. So one more time. Old navy will not have a chance to have my dollars in their account. I like Old Navy because they have jeans that are the right fit for me I prefer regular fit or straight cut. Slim and skinny fit types of jeans are what's usually offered by other stores and I don't feel comfortable on those.

The carts and rack at the Fitting Room were overflowing. I was never greeted by a store associate. I looked for one to ask questions of but could not find any. When I went to check out there were about 18 people in line in front of me. With only two registers open, it took at least 25 minutes before I was finally at the register. There was no apology for the wait made. My purchase was jammed into a bag.

I now remember why I stopped shopping at Old Navy years ago. I won't be back again. It was not my first time but I never thought that you could save so much money in this store. I will recommend anyone to go there. They have offers me to open my Old Navy card. I did not want to do it but as soon they told me I was going to save money, I say "sure". I was approve and had a great discount. I open my card in a different location but after that I decided to go to a different location because I had the end of the day to use my discount.

I have decided to go the Moorestown location in NJ to try it out. It was very clean. But not only that, I have a comment to say. Giovanna was very helpful. She could not help will all my question so she decided to call her Manager. Her name was Jodi.