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PawDiet is compensated by the merchants linked-to on this page. See our external link disclosure for more information. Eukanuba is one of the most recognizable dog food brands in the dog food industry. Founded by Paul Iams in , the Eukanuba brand has become a leading supplier of dry and wet dog food products.

Truly a testament to the confidence Eukanuba has in its own products. Eukanuba offers a unique line of dog food products, all of which are designed for specific life-stages, breeds, and activity levels. Unlike many other main-stream brands, Eukanuba only produces meat-rich foods. The first and second ingredients in each recipe are usually meats and meat by-products.

Eukanuba also produces dog treats which are designed for specific life-stages and life-styles. Although many brands offer life-stage specific food, few brands extend this concept to treats. Certain recipes have also been tested in feeding trails to prove nutritional adequacy. Eukanuba is widely available in the United States. You can purchase Eukanuba dog foods at your nearest PetSmart. Eukanuba is also sold at many independently owned pet stores.

Use the Eukanuba store locater to find the nearest store. In addition, you can also purchase Eukanuba online.

Most reputable online pet stores will carry Eukanuba dog food products. If you would like to purchase online, we recommend shopping at PetFlow for the largest selection of Eukanuba dog food products. Click activate deal and go to the landing page. No additional coupon code is required to avail this offer. Buy now. No coupon code required to avail the offer. Hurry grab it now. Choose from supplies for various animals such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc. Register yourselves in Pets world online store and get instant Reward points.

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Choose from various designs and styles only at Heads Up For Tails. Offer valid for all users. Code is not required to grab this offer. Free Shipping. Check out this link and grab this attractive deal. Pick and Order Now! No coupon code to avail this great deal to shop and save on shopping more.

Take care of your loved pets while you save high on costs. No pets world coupon is required to grab this summer bonanza offer. Pick the best now for your loving pet at home. No pets world discount coupon is required to avail this offer. Limited period deal. Best Price. Grab the best products under best discounts.

Offer valid till products last. Avail them all today and make your pet happier. No additional pets world discount code is required to grab this mega offer. Hurry Now! No coupon code required to grab this offer. This offer is valid for first order only, Hurry up!!! My girl, Sadie, has even lost a bit of weight and I can leave food out without her gorging on it! Please send me any coupons or links to special offers! I have maltese and two yorkies. My maltese just had a litter of four puppies.

I would also like to have some puppies packages to give to the new owners. My chocolate lab eats only Eukanuba. She is no longer employed and needs financial help coupons. Thanx on behalf of Sophie. Totally sucks. I have a new husky puppy and thats what they recommend me feed him! I had requested a coupon a while back but have not received one yet. I would love one whereas I always buy this brand and I have two cockers to feed. My two dogs love your food, please send us coupons.

My dachshund almost 5 yrs. She was on the small breed puppy, then small breed adult, now for the past year and a half she has been on Eukanuba Dachshund after slipping a disc and becoming paralyzed. Luckily she has recovered however I still only fee her Eukanuba and recommend it to everyone I know! Been using Eukanuba exclusively for last 8 years. Makes a world of difference in my beagles coat and overall health. Please send me a coupon, I have three dogs, 1 adult and puppies that all eat eukanuba food, and would love to have some savings!! Thanks so much! Every dollar helps in these difficult times.

I am disabled and have a service dog that eats only Eukanuba. Please send me a coupon for his food. I live on a fixed income and I need any help I can get. Any coupon would help,they love ur food. Thank you very much. We have always used Eukanuba with our Golden Retriever. We would love a coupon for her food! Thank you! My Golden loves the Large Breed — we have used it for many years.

Thank you for the coupon. I have many babies all with a different needs and there is a food for all of them in your brand… Just hard to aford it. Please help. I have two Labs 7 and 8 who have enjoyed Eukanuba their entire lives. Just adopted a black lab and she has been eating Eukanuba so I must buy it from now on! Would love a coupon to help me. We have a litter of 10 GSD puppies and vet suggested small breed puppy formula for their momma to help her keep up with nursing them. We have a 12 weeks old boxer pup and I think this is a great food!

I have a 2 year old lab who has only eaten eukanuba , best food ever,get so many compliments on her coat and teeth and weight,. I have seen a tremendous difference in my dogs since switching. Their coats are fuller, shinier, and their skin is less itchy, and flaky. I would love to receive some coupons for their food. With 9 kids, and three dogs, it can be hard to come up with the money to purchase their food.

Please send me a coupon even one would be appreciated but i would love more I have rescued 7 American Eskimos, 1 Siberian Husky and an adorable Havanese dog. Please help as I am currently unemployed and would appreciate any help so I can the load off my husband..

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You can conveniently browse all the current online and in-store offers available from Petco. My corgi loves his eukanuba. I hope Wal-mart carries the one for sensitive skin. Fran on May 5, at pm. No additional vitamins or supplements are needed to keep your puppy healthy and happy.

I would totally love this 10 coupon….. I highly reccommend this food for any dog owner that wants the absoulte best for their pet. Even though my female in only 4 lbs, she has never had to have a C-section or any problem birthing puppies. I would like to know why you have different breed of dogs on your dog food bags. Is there really certain different ingredients in the of the different bags? I read this is just another ploy to get people to buy the product. When people see their type of pet on the dog food bag they just think oh this product must really be good.

Next time I go to the pet store I will read the label on all of the dog food bags showing different breeds. The Bernese is 9 yrs. We use Eukanuba Senior for one dog and Eukanuba adult for the other. I have used this dog food for 11 years. Thank you for sending a coupon. It gets a bit expensive. My Senior dog…has a very sensitive stomach. I love your dog food its works great for both my dogs I have boxers.

Their stool is easy pick up my sons clean it up. I love this dogfood!! The Eukanuba for Yorkshire Terriers is excellent! Please send us the 10 Off coupon. German Shepherd loves the Eukanuba dog food. Thank you so much! Please sent me the 10 dollar coupon I have been buying this food for 10 years and its getting expensive. I just bought a Vizsla Pup! Send a coupon! Thanks a bunch! My husband started buying Eukanuba for our Lab puppy, he is loving this food and we are seeing such great results. We love it! I have another dog that has allergies and I have tried almost everything.

I will take the 28 day challenge and pray my dog gets over her allergies. Laurence Lentz. Our black lab Katie is now 3 years old. We have always fed her Ekanuba,as recommended by her breeder. She is healthy and people often ask us how we keep her coat looking so healthy and shiny. We tell them she has only been fed Ekanuba since birth. I am the proud owner of a toy poodle named Baizel.

I want the best for my puppy and Eukanuba is the best!!! He will go to college with me in a couple of years and I want him to have a long healthy life! Please send me coupons for my new baby! We have a Great Dane and a Boxer. Those boys really know how to eat!!! Would love for Eukanuba coupon s for large dogs. Always fed my dogs the Eukanuba brand. Email coupons, please! I have a 10 month Pom and I started him with Eukanuba and swithc him to another puppy food and my husband insisted that we change him back to Eukanuba.

Our two Labs love Eukanuba! We just found out our dog is allergic to his current dog food. Our vet suggested Eukanuba, but it is expensive and would like to try it so It would be helpful if we received a coupon. Used this food once and it cleared my dogs skin up. It was expensive so we switched. I have 3 rescued dogs. I would love to receive your newsleters and coupons for your products. She loves it and it helps keep her looooooooong back healthy. Hazel is a mini doxie and weighs 9 lbs. Boomer, a 17 week Yellow Lab, has joined our family. What a love!

I foster rescue dogs and have several of my own. We are big Eukanuba fans. We rescued our boxer a few months ago and since starting him on this food, his coat has drastically improved and he is a healthy weight. We go through ALOT of food! I want to try my 11 month old teacup yorkie on the Eukanuba Yorkshire Terrier dog food! He eats less… poops less but is getting excellent nutrition. Forget Puppy Chow! Trust me… he is pounds and I like to save money. Two thumbs up! Please send me a coupon.. Eukanube is the only brand I have ever fed my dogs..

My three little white poodles love adult petite race Eukanuba. My labs will eat nothing but eukanuba dog food, they love it please send me a Please send me my coupon. My dog have to stay healthy and Im not going to feed him anything else. Trying to find some good dog food for my Husky, hope yall can help me with the coupons! We need to find a more nutritious food option for our pom and we have considered trying Eukanuba.

Please send us your coupon. I own a Shiba Inu who has very sensative skin allergies. I am told that your formula for this type is a start to her road of recovery. I also have a Min Pin who could probably benefit from it as well. I like to buy more of the Eukanuba god food for Chihuahuas. We have a 3 month old yellow lab and she just loves this food.

Please send the coupon. Have a 12 week old female weimaraner puppy. Really want to try this food…. Yes, I am interested in the coupons and putting my mini schnauzer on this food for sensitive skin.

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I also like the fact that you can get this from Wal-mart and do not have to drive a long way when I run out. I hope Wal-mart carries the one for sensitive skin. I have a lab puppy and she has a food tolerance and I was told that Eukanuba would be a good brand to switch her too. My name is Tim we own a kennel where we breed raise and show American bullys our dogs love your food we would appreciate it if we could get any coupons thank you. He Murphy is on puppy chow now.

I would like to switch him to Eukanuba as soon an possiable. Thank You, CJ. We have bought your product for the last 10 yr. My friends recommend the good dog food eukanuba brand, i like to try it. We have been using Eukanuba for our great dane for two years now. It has the right protein for her and she has a beautiful coat. Sure would love a coupon! How do I receive a 10 dollar coupon I scrolled down to the end of this web site — no coupon registration Please help me Pam. After numerous attempts to find the right food for my guy, i finally found this one but am struggling to afford it.

Please send me the coupon and if possible, as many coupons as you can. Would like to try Eukanuba German Shepard puppy. We just switched to Eukanuba dry dog food for our two large breed dogs. They are doing really well on it and seem to love it. Please send me the coupon. My st. Please send us a coupon. I have two German Shepherds and a mix breed. Food goes fast over here! We love eukanuba Labrador food!!!! Makes my babies coats really shiny! Please send a coupon!

Thank you!!! I think I is a scam to get email addresses. Regina, the post is updated and clearly states that this coupon is no longer available. I signed up for your website. I also scrolled down and looked in my spam folder. I can not find the coupon. I am currently not working and love my 12 year old dog. He loves Eukanuba. Can you please help me with receiving the coupon. Thank you, Michael C. Been using eukanuba for my dog for years and have had many compliments regarding how healthy he looks. Milo is now 11 yrs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

About Blog Posts Subscribe. Pinterest Facebook Twitter. Posted in Deals and Savings. I just got a new beagle puppy, and heard that your food is the best. I am eager to try it out. George Schaller on February 20, at pm. Christine Frederiksen on March 1, at pm. Ellen Tompos on May 3, at pm. Ruth Milione on May 14, at pm.

Robert Heizmann on May 24, at pm. Barbara Wertz on May 25, at am. Just got a new 9wk old yorkie poo. Was told to get this food for her. Can i get a coupon? Ruth Milione on May 25, at pm. Riky Bobby on May 27, at pm. Was advised by the breeder that I got my puppy from that this dog food was the best. Candy Braden on June 10, at pm. Monica on June 12, at pm. Kari Germann on June 28, at pm.

I could not find any place to register for the coupon. Patricia Campbell on July 12, at pm. I have been using Eukanuba for all of my puppies for 7 years, it is the best. Sue Denney on July 13, at pm. The only food my dogs eat is eukanuba dog food since the first day they came home.

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Maria Lopez on July 19, at pm. My puppy eats eukanuba since he was born, and he loves it! Please notify me of specials. This is the only food my Belle will eat! Cheryl Clift on July 26, at pm. Nancy Williams on July 27, at pm. Shawn on July 30, at pm. Janalynn on August 8, at pm. I need it, my babies love Eukanuba. Lisa Tilley on August 11, at am. Debbie Freehling on August 11, at pm.

Haley on August 15, at am. Gloria on August 18, at pm.

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Sunshine on June 6, at pm. My dog have been eating Eukanuba for 12 years!! Jessica on August 19, at pm. Our dog loves Eukanuba, please send us a coupon. Jerry on August 20, at pm. Jodi on August 21, at am. Two if possible. Thanks so much!!!! Jennifer Du on August 21, at pm. Would you please send me an Eukanuba coupon!!!

Thank you very much! Holli Myers on August 21, at pm. Denise Dillon on August 22, at pm. Wendy Amparano on August 23, at am. Please send Eukanuba coupons. We have 2 large dogs. Maryclaire on August 24, at am. Sara Mathers on August 24, at pm. Helen Bixler on August 26, at pm. Olivia Hentkowski on August 29, at pm. Sonja T on August 30, at am. Heather on September 1, at pm.

Bill B on September 2, at am. Carol Fouser on September 2, at pm.

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Drea Rowland on September 3, at pm. Susan on September 3, at pm. Julia on September 5, at pm. Maxine on September 11, at am. Anna Karewicz on September 16, at pm. My puppy loves your food. Nicole Beck on September 17, at am. I would love to try this product. B McFarland on September 17, at am. James Russo on September 18, at am. Jane Hunkler on September 18, at am.


Joyce Monteverde on September 18, at pm. My 9 week old Great Dane loves the large breed puppy food. Karen Pisone on September 19, at am. I have been using Eukanuba for nine years. Kristi Kolaske on September 22, at pm. Amy Beth Gerzog on September 22, at pm. Maryjean Howe on September 22, at pm. Wehave been using Eukanuba for many years. Janice Linder on September 24, at pm. Leslie Trexler on September 25, at am. We are looking for a new brand and would like to try yours. Please send me the 10 dollars off coupon for Eukanuba dog food.

Chris on September 29, at am. Desmond Connally on September 29, at pm. Caprice Cote on October 3, at pm. Both of our dogs love Euk! Christine Lewandowski on October 4, at am. Jeannie Murray on October 4, at pm. Kristine Minnocci on October 4, at pm. Pam Hulme on October 4, at pm. LaKeshia S. Wright on October 7, at am. Nancy Frazier on October 8, at am. Kathy on October 8, at pm. Thanks in advance for sending coupon, feed Euk and my dogs love it!

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Jenny Moore on October 8, at pm. My Dachshunds love Eukanuba. Brenda Dominguez on October 8, at pm. Tiffany on October 8, at pm. Christy Christian on October 14, at pm. Charlie Lucroy on October 15, at pm. Kathy Connelly on October 16, at pm. Sue Bendson on October 16, at pm. Ray Douglas on October 17, at pm.

Gail Cresswell on October 18, at am. Cheryl Bailey on October 18, at pm. Claudia Garcia on October 18, at pm. I have a two year old rottweiler. We always feed him Eukanuba Rottweiler food. Simone on November 8, at pm. Hi Claudia, Did you receive your coupon yet? Lauren on October 18, at pm. Cheryl on October 19, at am. Both of my German Shepards Love Eukanuba.

David Bork on October 19, at pm. C Pollock on October 23, at pm. Please send coupon for puppy food. Nicole on October 25, at pm. Would like a coupon to try the large breed puppy food on our new Weimaraner puppy. Carrie on October 26, at pm. Please send 10 dollar coupons have 3 dogs that love your food. Judy Donohoo on October 27, at pm. Michael on October 28, at pm. Jessica on October 29, at am. Thanks so much!!! Deb on October 30, at pm. M Miller on October 30, at pm. Debbie M on November 1, at am.

Lisa MacInnis on November 1, at am. Debbie on November 1, at pm. Our vet recommended this type of food. Ebony Johnson on November 2, at am. L Fathauer on November 2, at pm. Heather Slaven on November 2, at pm. Can I have a coupon for my Brutus we love your food! Merrie Doering on November 2, at pm. Diane Morgan on November 3, at pm. Audry on November 4, at am. Dana on November 6, at am.